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Tsuchi Mono

April 15 - June 10, 2023

Tsuchi Mono refers to stoneware. Generally speaking, it is a term to describe of Mingei type  contrast with porcelain, a thinly made, refined, expensive, elegant and usually colorfully  painted and over glazed  on white porcelain body.  Mingei is for ordinary people use in everyday life:  cheap, strong and usually simple design,  applied or with fire and ashes to make its glaze. In the firing, depend on the controlling air in / out process with oxidation or reduction (carbon monoxide ) that affected to natural glazing to the works. After Mingei movement in 1920s, led by Soetsu Yanagi, Shoji Hamada and Barnard Leach, all Tea Masters who are affected by its movement. By its simple design and by the beauty created through the wood firing process,  Tsuchi Mono, greatly appreciated.  Especially, Korean rice bowls created in 14 / 15 centuries are rare and highly appreciated in value.    

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