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                                                                   Hanging  Scrolls

                                                                 December 18, 2021   -   February 13, 2022



Scroll paintings in Asia refer to : either Handscroll painting, painted horizontaly on pieces of silk or sheet of paper as scrolls or Hanging Scroll, painted vertically. It is displayed on the wall of a living room or study. The subject is usually four seasons oriented landscapes, seasonal activities and items or floral motifs. it intends to dispaly a short period of time and after the period is over, it will be rolled up and stored as it is or in the box. Medium is Asian sumi ink or water color of natural pigments on paper or silk and mounted on silk brocade. The artist signature or a poem wrtten in a painting with the stamp of a few artist seals. In China often the collectors' seals are stamped on the paintings as well.

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